Friday, April 4, 2014


This week has not been an easy one so today I am recharging my energy center with nourishing food, crossing things of my long to-do list, and spending time doing what feels good. It is always good to step away from a stressful day/week/moment and reflect on re-centering. I know I tend to just keep plowing forward through life's madness and I burn myself out. So quiet days like today are a little healing for the soul! One of the things I have been waiting to try is a sweet potato smoothie- sounds weird right? But I love sweet potatoes so this sounded like a little glass of heaven!

1 banana
4 slices of baked sweet potato
cinnamon (to taste)
hemp seed 
1 cup coconut milk

 It was frothy, light and delicious- I will definitely be working this one into the mix more frequently.

And for an update on my 30 day pilates challenge- I am happy to say that this week was my half way point! I am feeling amazing and noticing that the routines that were kicking my tail a few weeks ago are feeling less challenging (as in, I can get through them a little more gracefully and with less cave woman noises and cursing). I am down 5 inches total and I can actually see a difference. I think the before and after photo reveal is going to be a lot of fun!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?  Phase Two of spring cleaning has been calling my name, I am thinking some more purging is in my near future ♥

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