Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Street Fair is a magical time that happens twice a year ... crafters, musicians, and hippies share their finest wares and ideas with the masses- and it makes for a pretty interesting time! We met up with my family and walked around town until we had seen it all. The street lined entirely in food trucks was pretty tempting and smelled but I've found these to not be so vegetarian/vegan friendly so we peaced out when the hunger pangs were too much.

Last summer seemed to slip by without us really enjoying the season, this year we are making as many 'summer-y' plans to fill the weekends as possible. We have baseball games, a small trip, and pool time for sure, and hopefully some cookouts. Cookouts at my parents are the best.

But for now, its a Wednesday night (happy hump day!) its 90 degrees out, I'm waiting for N to come home and I think a few episodes of Its Always Sunny is in order ♥

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