Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today is day one of my personal challenge to consume less, go vegan, and change the impact of my carbon footprint. This will probably be my easiest day in the coming months- I have been happy at home drinking my juice and working on projects around here to keep my mind busy. The challenge will be my days out in the world, watching people shop, eat, and make decisions (consciously or not) that impact our world in a negative way. I am excited to really focus on new practices and nervous at the same time. I will definitely be working out my will power muscle.

I am feeling a change in my moral code and convictions. This project is the capstone of the last few months of researching. I have educated myself and formed my own opinions about different modern industries and though I will be sharing these here (it is my blog after all) I know that my opinions are not the end all. On this blog and in life I simply want people to be educated about the truths of what is going on in the manufacturing and food industries- make your own opinions from there.

Currently I am reading The Conscious Kitchen, it is really inspiring and I can tell it will be a go-to resource for swapping out foods and environmentally unhealthy products from our diet and home. I have gone through my closet and purged it of any items I wasn't in love with and will be doing the same to my cosmetics soon. Simplify Simplify Simplify!

Here is to the beginning of an amazing year! ♥

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