Monday, September 9, 2013


Always a blur unless you're tempting her with a treat or she is two breathes away from sleep

Currently ...

At my wits end about: Poor Stella Bean has epic fleas (at least to us they seem epic) She is itchy and pathetic and we have done just about everything we possibly could without waging chemical warfare on our home and her. A little peeved these nasty bugs have consumed so much of my time lately! 

Anticipating: My new job! This week is going by way too slow- and its only Monday! I did get to celebrate with my co-workers today, and I realized I will really miss the neurotic mish-mosh of people who work in the retail industry ♥

Addicted to: Food Blogs!! I just discovered the magic of the Food Matters site- I could get lost for hours. I am pretty sure if I never mentioned another thing about health, nutrition, or the affects of poor eating habits on our society again Nate wouldn't miss it for a minute ;) 

Intrigued by: I just took the Jung Typology test (more on that later!) but I was dumbfounded by how dead on it described me. Any other ISFJ's out there??

On my DIY list: Cloth Napkins- I'm thinking of festive ones for the holidays, a fun way to add more print to your kitchen/dining room. Plus, I haven't done a DIY in awhile.

Checked off my To-Do's: FINALLY completed our gallery wall. I know, like a year behind everyone else on Pinterest but hey, at least it is done! It makes our hallway seem so artsy and pretentious (j/k ... sort of)

On my iCal: This Friday is my last day at my current job, N and I are going to a concert for one of our favorite bands, and this weekend is the Cincinnati Comic Expo ... which, well, I will divulge your curiosity on that one later! 

Not missing: Facebook on my phone- I find myself looking up much more important things like the ABCs of the Friends sitcom and cute puppy photos on Buzzfeed.

Reading: What to Eat by Marion Nestle. It is really interesting but I am having a hard time getting through it after just finishing The Conscious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu. It's a lot of factual/commit to memory type reading and can be quite exhausting. Still, a good read!

Mentally Thanking: Bonnie from the Life of Bon for inspiring a Currently post- maybe a fun one to add to the repertoire?

Happy Monday all!

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