Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I think I am way behind on knowing about Jungs Typology Assessment but hey, better late than never.

And let me tell you ... this assessment blew my mind. I don't know why but any time I take a quiz/assessment or read a horoscope that actually aligns with me or my life it impresses me. I guess I have a weird trust issue with anyone else being able to 'get me' or predict what is going on in my life. So when I read that I was an ISFJ and the description was dead on I was way impressed.

ISFJ stands for Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging. You can read the entire break down here but I wanted to reflect on a few points that I had the strongest reaction to ...

ISFJs wish to serve others ...  I found it so ironic considering over the last few months my desire to find a career path that helped others has been so important to me. In high school any time I would take a career assessment it always came back with the results of service jobs- clergy, social work, etc. As a high schooler with dreams of a flashy life in NYC (yea, that never quite happened) I always disregarded these results with an upturned nose. Now if the 26-year-old me could knock some sense into that 17-year-old I would- I could probably save myself a lot of trouble and money. But I can say- I am glad that I am finally setting out on my path that coincides with what coincides with my basic desires.

ISFJs are unappreciated as they are work horses who are loyal, reliable, and rarely ask for credit. We get frustrated with lack of praise but feel awkward asking for it and we tend to take the mentality of 'if you want it done right, do it yourself'... I can never ask to have the spot light on me. I shyly accept praise even when I secretly think I deserve it. I constantly take on tasks with a burden because I think if I don't do it it won't get done or won't get done to my standard. I feel like it was this trait that really started to show when my passion for my merchandising position started to fizzle- I felt overworked, under praised, and like a pretty bad manger by the end because I wasn't delegating or letting people know what I was working on. Eye opening.

ISFJs are sympathetic co-workers and make great employees but not as good as supervisors ... I can tell you from day 1 of being in a management role I was uncomfortable. I am a terrible disciplinarian and I tended to be empathetic towards employees who had a sob story behind any wrong doing. This does not bode well for a manager and let me tell you- I fear if I were ever held hostage I would be the first to develop Stockholm Syndrome. Its just in my DNA. Reading this made me feel more accepting of the fact that I was bad at some parts of managing- I used to think it was just my fault for not pushing myself, when I guess at least part of it was my nature.

ISFJs have a small circle of friends, are loyal, hate confrontation, and do not easily open up ... I am the worst at confrontation (note my inability to discipline anyone). I physically feel ill when I have to confront anyone about anything and I typically talk myself out of being the person in the right. This is probably one of my character flaws that I hate the most. Even to people I am close to and trust I have trouble confronting them with anything I think might upset them. This probably also goes hand in hand with I have trouble opening up with people- especially if it is something negative. Nate is the only one who hears most of my problems and even with him it took awhile for me to get where I am. This probably goes hand in hand with not liking the spotlight. When there is a death in the family or a personal crisis I have trouble telling anyone about it because their sympathy makes me uncomfortable.

These were just a few of the traits they listed that resonated with me- but it helped me get some clarity and I felt a little more normal about some of my shortcomings. ♥

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