Friday, September 20, 2013


I love making lists. Love Love Love. So I was kind of surprised and disappointed with myself when I realize I never list on here. Lists are fun, motivating, and great for brainstorming. There is nothing better than crossing something off a list- I find it very satisfying.

Today I wanted to share a list that has been growing- it started on my phone one day as I was sitting in grid lock traffic (I am comfortable to admit this because I was not moving an inch, I promise) and its been growing ever since. And I expect this one to keep on growing as I learn new things I want to try!

My Be Better List : A list of things to better my life and the lives around me.
1. Change to non-toxic eco friendly cosmetics and beauty products
2. Make homemade cleaning supplies
3. Take old cleaning supplies to a toxic waste drop-off
4. No more shampoo! (We will discuss this one later, promise)
5. Practice meditation
6. Create own mantra
7. Buy reusable produce and grain bags
8. Visit a Sanctuary Farm
9. Actually learn Yoga
10. Embrace Veganism
11. Join a group for a cause I believe in

Some of these items will be easier than others, changing out my cosmetics? Easy, I think I will start this weekend. Visit a Sanctuary Farm? Surprisingly not so easy, the nearest is over 3 hours away- I am kind of ashamed Ohio doesn't have more?! And hunkering down to really learn about veganism will just take will power and carving out time for this priority. What would be on your 'Be Better' list?

I am so happy it is Friday- I have been feeling under the weather today but tonight proved cozy and just what I needed. A long nap, take out with the mister, new episodes of the New Girl and it has been constantly raining since 6:00 and I couldn't be happier about that. I am anticipating waking up to a much cooler day after our heat wave (I'm really pulling for fall here, over the 80 degrees!) and we have fun activities planned.

So cheers to rainy Friday nights and cozy blankets- a perfect start to a beautiful weekend ♥

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