Friday, September 13, 2013


 If I titled my outfit posts this one would have to be ... ' The senior portrait and Tree Cat'.

That's why I gave up on titling outfit posts and just stick to numbers. It saves us all a lot of anguish. However, this last shot definitely reminds me of one of my senior pictures (if I had no shame I would share some of these glorious photos with you, as of now- they are still too fresh in my mind to laugh too much about) and the cat? We had a stare down but everyone walked away peacefully. That's how we roll around here.

In other news ... today was my last day of my current job- I thought it would be all happy-go-lucky but those little punks co-workers made me cry! I am notoriously emotional at good-byes. Never ask me to see you off at the airport because I.will.cry. Guaranteed. And today was no different- and it left me in a weird mental state because it all seems so bittersweet! Half excited and half bummed to be leaving such a great team- a lot of blood sweat and tears has been shared between us. I know we will all move on to bigger and better things but today it just seemed a little sad.

But don't fear- Nate and I are kicking the weekend off right with a concert ... or should I say show? I feel like its so much more hip to say 'show' these days. Just like you don't say 'jeans' any more, you say 'denim'. But I digress. Whatever you want to call it we are going and I am looking forward to it!

I hope everyone has a stellar weekend full of fun memories, it is starting to feel like fall here (I obviously got to wear tights for the first time today! yay!) so whether you stay cozied up inside or go adventuring I hope it's the best weekend ever ♥

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