Thursday, September 12, 2013


Something you probably didn't know about me is that every year I get the opportunity to submerge myself into the wild world of Comic Con. To delve into a subculture ruled by the Nerds and witness what it really means to be a fanboy. And I have seen some doozies in my time.

Nate and his brother have had a table the past few years at the Cincinnati Comic Expo- Lee has created his own indie comic book and Nate does illustration work. And lucky me, I get to be their gopher! It's a title I cherish.  Over the past few years I have learned quite a few things that may help the average joe navigate, survive, and live to tell the tale of Comic Con ...
1. Be Open Minded- The way I geek out over an article discussing the benefits of acai berries these people geek out over the X-Men universe. We all have passions and comic con is the ultimate NO JUDGING ZONE.

2. You Will Be Subjected to B.O.- just accept it and move on. After an hour or so you won't even notice it.

3. Eye Contact Not Guaranteed- If you can't get a single person to look you in the eye, don't take it personal. Looking everywhere but at a persons eyes during human contact is something Nerds everywhere have mastered. Think of it as endearing.

4. Do Not Engage in Conversations That are Out of Your League- Seeing every Marvel and DC movie to hit the silver screen does not make you knowledgeable about these universes. If you cannot reference particular issues or know the back story of the Fantastic 4 it is best to not sound as if you know anything at all. You will get sucked in to a conversation and then spit right back out- it can really bang up ones ego.
5. Do Visit as Many Tables as Possible- Artists get excited to share their stuff. I prefer the more amateur tables over the ones who have more cred in the business- they can get pretty pretentious. But those indie guys are just there to have a good time (I may be a little biased). Flip through their books, compliment the work if you like it and of course buy some if it's your taste. It may be comic themed but its the same as a starving artist show- comic artists are hungry too ;)

6. Do Take Your Picture with Cosplay Characters- I have my photo taken with Darth Vader every year, it's a tradition! Most of these costumes are homemade and they love the attention for all their blood sweat and tears! Plus, then you can IG all your awesome photos with Poison Ivy and Super Man and all your friends will be jealous!

7. Check Out a Panel or Celebrity- This year in Cincinnati we have the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers, Xander from Buffy (I will be in line to meet him for sure!), Billy Boyd from LOTR, and some well known artists. Check them out! Sometimes it costs a little extra but I know last year when Nate met the Green Ranger it was a great story for later.

8. Embrace It- embrace the fact that this community gets so excited about their passion, they may foam at the mouth, perspire excessively when in a heated conversation about their favorite comic, seem OCD about a particular character, say strange things like Manga, Shazam, Trades, and Atom Age ... just accept it. You don't have to understand.

I am excited to attend the 2013 Cinci Comic Expo this weekend and get my nerd on... you can follow along on my IG account (@janae_c) and if you ever have the opportunity to experience one of these, whether big or small, you should go! ♥

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