Monday, October 7, 2013


I am really excited about sharing this post with you all (or few?) I am currently loving the Josie Maran cosmetics available at Sephora after I went on a mini spree a few weekends ago. I cleaned out my makeup drawer and replaced it with these natural and fair trade beauts!



I have struggled with 'bad' skin for years- it has plagued me and my wallet for most of my adult life and I had tried everything from extreme medications and ointments to every over the counter product there is. Since doing some research about the toxins that we come in contact with every day from household cleaners to our cosmetics, it got my brain working. What if I traded in all my toxic cosmetics and purchased all natural? What if it could be that simple? Ok- so it wasn't that simple but I have noticed that my skin is more balanced, my break outs are less traumatizing, and they do heal faster. I am hoping that I am on the road to healing through diet and the change in products I use. In the meantime- I cannot recommend this line enough, just knowing that what I am putting on my face is healthy makes me happy ♥

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