Friday, October 4, 2013


Back on August 1st I launched a One Year Challenge for myself- the challenge had three major points: to go vegan, to consume less, and lessen my carbon footprint. I haven't updated since day 9 (oops!) but it has still been something I have tried to stick with. So here is the run down ...

Go Vegan > this has not been easy. I had a lot of slips in the beginning, mostly with processed foods (which I am trying to weed out altogether). I think the lesson that has resonated with me the most so far is to always be prepared. This past week I have realized that my vegan diet could be a lot better- this is mostly thanks to reading The Kind Diet. This weekend I am sitting down and planning a serious meal calendar so I can shop thoroughly ahead of time and never find myself in a situation where I have to hope for the best or eat something that may be vegan but not so healthy. That's not the point of the vegan lifestyle! I feel loads better in a lot of ways- my skin feels different, I feel lighter, I have lost weight without trying, and I rarely feel that uncomfortable stuffed feeling after eating but I do feel satisfied and I like all of these side effects, now I want to magnify them! So I dilly dallied a little in the first two months but I resolve for this third month to be a lot stronger.

Consume Less > Now that I am not working in retail this is much easier. I did have to shop for new work clothes as I did not have a closet that was prepared for business casual! But on a whole I feel like I have decreased my more frivolous impulse buys. Nate and I started the 'envelope system' this past week and I have a feeling that will help hold me accountable more as well!

Lessen my Carbon Footprint > This has been a little harder for me- taking time out to actually problem solve some of life's obstacles with creating waste instead of taking the easy way out. I am still shopping with my eco totes, I switched my make-up to eco friendly fair trade to help protect my skin and our water, restyling material I already have (like these DIY cloth napkins) I purchased eco friendly laundry detergent, I am gearing up to make some homemade beauty products, and I would like to make some homemade cleaning products as well!

So the first two months were far from perfect- but, I learned a lot from them! I am excited to push myself harder this month and propel this project full speed ahead ♥

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