Monday, October 28, 2013


 She wore: Forever 21 e'rythang (exception of scarf, which is handmade)
He wore: 21 Mens jacket // Target Flannel // Levi khaki denim // chucks

Bonjour and happy Monday friends! What a weekend! These photos are from yesterday, we stopped by a park to enjoy the most perfect of fall evenings. 

Sometime between family, errands, and everything else I managed to make Nate and I flannel scarves. I will have a quick 'How-To' later this week- but it is such a simple project a whole post may be over kill ... but never-the-less, a whole post you shall get! (If you haven't noticed- this 'easy' theme on my blog is quite common... easy recipes, easy projects ... I'm a busy gal! I like it simple!) 

I have been on a mega creative kick lately. I haven't felt this inspired in a long time so I am rolling with it and filling up a journal of fun ideas and my Pinterest boards are booming again- another post for you to look forward to this week: My favorite recent Pinterest finds, I think you'll get inspired too! With this week being the first of November (what?!) I have the holidays on the brain and am thinking of fun new projects to decorate our home with. I am thinking lots and lots of gold glitter, knits, and plaids. Not sure how it will all come together in the end but I have faith! I am also excited to get started on a fancy-schmancy reusable Birthday banner, I love making resusable decorations for Birthdays and favorite holidays. Much less waste and so much better for the planet!

What is on your crafting to-do list this season? ♥

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