Friday, November 22, 2013


Sometime over the summer Nate and I got the brilliant idea to scrap the traditional Happy Birthday banner and make Forever Young our birthday motto. And yes, the song was stuck in my head for days since making this. I mean, who doesn't want to be forever young?
How I made my banner...

Supplies: rope, black and white felt, fancy scrapbook paper in gold (the kind I chose actually feels fabric-like), gold fabric (for tassels), stencils, scissors, and glue.

Measure your rope to fit your space. I simply decided by mathematically figuring out what would work best for my space and what size to cut my letter squares out from there. The gold ended up roughly 5x6 in and the felt ended up roughly 4x5 in. Mount the white felt to gold paper with glue and allow to dry while you cut out your letters. Simply use a stencil to create your letters on black felt or free hand if you're awesome like that ;) Glue these to the white felt. Once you have let your glue set awhile cut two slits at the top of each 'flag' and string the rope through it, doubling up as I did if you need to conserve space. Use your gold fabric to create tassels on the ends, I used this method.

Easy, right? I completed this in one afternoon while watching The Carrie Diaries (hello cuteness!) I like that this is a sturdier banner to keep for years to come!

Happy banner making! ♥

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