Monday, November 25, 2013


 Old Navy Denim // Target Turtleneck and Hat // Forever 21 booties

 That last one is purely for all of you guys to enjoy. Sometimes the same old poses feel boring so you let loose and your husband catches it on film and its just so ridiculous you just have to embrace it!

Plus it was 19 degrees out when we took these so constantly moving was a necessity for survival.

19 degrees.

I think we just plowed through Autumn and went straight for winter. It actually snowed over the weekend! Nate and I decided to have a little date night on Saturday which took us on a mini hike- while we were out on the trails it started flurrying. And how is it that anytime snow is falling from the sky the world gets a little more quiet and peaceful? I know we were out in nature already, where it was pretty empty and peaceful on its own- but I swear snow makes a special quiet fall over everything. I love it!  Later we found ourselves rushing to get some Thai take-out and get home to the pup where the space heater was immediately turned on and we finished season two of Once Upon a Time (ahhh that show is a nail-biter!)

If you haven't figured it out yet, we are pretty low maintenance people. Take-out for date night is like, my favorite thing.

Sunday was spent cleaning and shopping for Thanksgiving- I finally finished my menu and put together my plan for getting it all done! All that is left is some decorating and last minute chores. I think it will all come together in the end after all ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and that if you are in the States- I hope you are getting excited for a wonderful holiday week ♥

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