Tuesday, November 26, 2013


'A thankful heart is a happy heart'
Psalm 28:7

So I was sitting here researching profound quotes on thankfulness and gratitude, wondering what some of our great world/spiritual leaders have said on the topic when the simple phrase above popped in my mind. I learned this as a child in Sunday school and just now I felt kind of silly looking for anything more complicated. 

The truth is so simple. 

I am so thankful this season, my heart is truly happy this week.  I wish that the positive energy of collective hearts being grateful together this time of year would electrify the air all year long. You can just feel it sometimes. You may have to be still and focus, but you can certainly feel that excited energy.

I am grateful for the opportunity to host Thanksgiving this year- I may feel slightly stressed and overwhelmed but I know that at the end of the day it is just a meal and the people are what is most important. I am grateful that I have the time to relax and enjoy this holiday this year, having worked retail in the past I was never able to unwind for this day- it was a whirlwind! I am so grateful that I have a lovely apartment and an even lovelier family. I am grateful for my creativity, my ability to learn and grow, and my resiliency to keep moving forward. I am grateful for a healthy body and a sound mind. I am grateful for being blessed with all  the material things I need to live a comfortable life. I am grateful for this blog. I am grateful for all the people I have meet this year. I am grateful for my refrigerator full of healthy organic foods. I am grateful for knowing and believing that anyone and everyone can feel this grateful if they truly want to. 

It makes my heart happy.

The next few days I will be focusing my meditation on thankfulness and wishing thankfulness on everyone I meet. Join me and we can send out so much good energy, I know we will all have the opportunity to touch someones life. 

I think I am going to take the next few days off from here, I will resume blogging on Friday- with wrapping up work, cooking, committing to my yoga practice and wanting the time to just enjoy the holiday I want to unplug for a few days. I hope all State dwellers have a wonderful holiday and everyone else, an amazing rest of your week! ♥

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