Monday, December 2, 2013


 Forever 21 Sweater and shorts // Lauren Conrad Polka Dot button down // Target wedges

Happy December!

Its hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we are now in the full holiday swing. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving full of gratitude and good food- our dinner turned out lovely. Despite the stressing and procrastinating leading up to the day of it went off without a hitch. And for that I am definitely grateful!
 The table before everyone arrived

It was nice to take a break from here and (mostly) unplug over the weekend. We did not partake in Black Friday madness- I enlisted my sister who was hitting the sales to pick up what I wanted most, a Kindle Fire! Still figuring out how to use it but I am so excited to start going paperless for my favorite magazines- that was a huge motivator for me to invest. Instead of shopping we put up the Christmas tree, watched Jingle All the Way, and spent a lot of time in pajamas eating takeout. It was the most stress free and relaxing holiday weekend I have had in a long time!

So today my heart is full, I am excited to start this first week of December. Feeling full of inspiration and motivation, looking forward to the posts I have planned for this week, and feeling re-dedicated to eating right and committed to my yoga practice (I even shared my first yoga photo on instagram >insert surprised emoticon face here!<)

So happy Monday and Happy December, here's to a great week ♥

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