Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I came very close to not posting at all today ... I know, not the end of the world. But I try and stay committed if even for my own sake. Anyway- I came very close to not posting today because honestly, I was in a pretty crappy mood this evening.

It all kind of spiraled when I got really tired at the end of work, my commute home was packed and I came across a few less-than-friendly drivers; Nate and I had plans to pick up a belated birthday gift to me and dinner but we had poor customer service at the store and I was so tired and hungry by the time we got to the restaurant I was just done. You get the idea.

On top of the feelings I was already having I started to feel guilty for being so negative and complaining the whole way through the evening. Here I was, so blessed to have a job, so blessed to be getting yet another birthday gift, so blessed to have the luxury to eat out when I want and I was complaining that it was not to my ... what, standard?? The night hadn't catered to all my needs when I needed them? How selfish of me!

But this is progress- this is showing growth, knowing and acknowledging that I was being selfish and impatient and acknowledging the fact that I was being immature about most of the issues at hand is a sign that I am taking more responsibility for how I feel and how to change it so the rest of my night, day, week, or whatever isn't ruined by these negative feelings.

I am happy to say that after I got home, took a deep breathe, realized my feelings, and ate some dinner (sometimes that is more important than you know!) I was able to unwind with my nightly yoga, watch some shows with my mister and still come to this platform and tell you ... you can turn your day around. It is possible. Just don't swallow what you are feeling about things, address those feelings and then flip them around. It's not easy but then you can rest easy in the satisfaction of not ruining your entire day and you are much less likely to hurt yourself or others!

So breathe, friends, and count those blessings ♥

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