Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Bringing to you another 'What the ... ?!?' food. You're welcome.

I first read about these 'magical' plums in Alicia Silverstones Kind Diet, as I try to trust her word even on the strangest of additions to my kitchen I went on the search for these plums that are packed with nutrients.

For some back story- Umeboshi plums come from Japan. They are pickled through a year long process that helps preserve and change their natural properties into a super food. Known for aiding in digestion, helping with nausea, and alkalizing the body (hello hangover help!) these plums are a pretty important part of Japanese food culture.
My carton of these plums have been sitting in my fridge for about a week- I was curious but still unsure of actually tasting one. I wasn't sure what to expect, from what I read they are sour and salty and that didn't sound too appetizing. But after our holiday weekend of over eating and indulgences I thought my system could use a little pick me up. So I bravely took one out and bit in.


Its like eating pure salt. Consider this your warning.

But the mystical transformation that was promised held true- I did in fact feel better after about an hour or so. I can't explain it, you can just feel it!

Later I read that the Japanese serve it with rice (will probably help with the salty shock) and sometimes cook with these in dishes for flavoring. I gathered 3 recipes to try with this round of plums. But I am convinced- they are potent and they work!

So next time your feeling the post holiday 'blechs', drank too much, or need a boost in general, run to Whole Foods and grab a carton of them, and let me know how it goes ;) ♥

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