Thursday, December 5, 2013


Making : progress on manifesting positive thinking every single day
Cooking : a homemade vegetable soup tomorrow ... my first one ever!
Drinking : water water water
Reading : Buddhism: Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen
Wanting : a hot cocoa with mini marshmallows
Looking: forward to the Christmas packages I am picking up tomorrow
Playing: mellow jams on the iPod
Wasting: time by not making my visual board a priority
Wishing: all of winter felt as magical as December
Enjoying: a huge flux of creativity
Waiting: for the snow storm to blow in tonight
Liking: That Nico's These Days just started playing ...
Wondering: How I went most of my life not knowing Nico
Loving: cold nights cozied inside with my two favorite beings.
Hoping: everyone has a warm place to be tonight
Marveling: at all of the talented people and their gorgeous crafts on Pinterest
Needing: A coat that actually keeps me warm and doesn't just look good
Wearing: leggings, my favorite gray tee, and the coziest sweater I own ... and pink fuzzy slippers! (obvi)
Noticing: how much stronger my body feels after only one month of committed yoga and toning
Knowing: I will sleep in late tomorrow and not feel bad about it for one second
Thinking: a cup of hot tea sounds amazing
Bookmarking: new books to download, not surprising they are all nutrition, yoga, and spiritual based at the moment!
Opening: my mind to new ways of celebrating this Christmas season
Feeling: Grateful- grateful for having so much, not needing much else, and knowing that tomorrow I can be even better than I was today.

We are in fact bracing ourselves for the first winter 'storm' of the season. I quote it because, well, its usually a hit or miss situation around here if we actually get the predicted weather. Either way, I am happy to stay home tomorrow- instead of worrying about driving through snow to work I can worry about more important things like which tea to make, how long to stay snuggled in bed with a sleepy Stella and finally getting my visualization board completed. And getting those Christmas packages I mentioned above- those are definitely important! ♥

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