Friday, December 6, 2013


Today is the perfect day to start sharing some fun holiday DIY projects that I have made for our home. Its snowing outside, I'm burning my favorite candle, the tree is lit up, Stella is sleeping next to me and I am on my fourth cup of tea. The only thing I am missing is the Mister- and he should be home soon to share a Christmas ale with me- my heart is full right now!

Buuut back to the point of this DIY post- I found clear plastic bulbs at Michaels awhile ago and thought it would be fun to make some custom ornaments for the tree. I had a loose idea of what I wanted, I knew I was going to use some scrap flannel from a few previous projects but I wanted to punch them up a bit, so here is what I did!

I used:
clear plastic bulb ornaments
scrap strips of flannel, one strip for each ornament (I used three different colors)
Martha Stewart gold glitter
Mod Podge

To make:
I made a glittery Mod Podge paste by mixing one part Mod and two parts gold glitter in a bowl. I took the hook part of the bulbs out and stood the bulbs on the flat opening so I could easily paint the bottoms of the ornaments. Because I used so much glitter I was able to use only one coat of glitter mixture which was a bonus! I painted them halfway up the ornament and let them dry over night. The next day I stuffed them with the flannel strips and voila!

I love that they coordinate with other crafts I made this year (those coming next week!) and added something shiny to our tree...

Hope you have a happy crafty weekend! ♥

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