Monday, December 30, 2013


On Friday I shared the idea of making a list of all the goals, accomplishments, blessings that happened to you in 2013. This was a practice I did to help me appreciate the past year and not worry myself over the loose ends and give myself a jumping off point for 2014. Hopefully this inspired you to take note of what an amazing year you had too!

So today is the fun part (or at least, I think it is) and its to start building a goal list for the coming year. I know, I know, resolutions are for suckers and only last on average 2 months blah blah blah. But what kinds of resolutions are you setting for yourself? Are they fun, are you passionate about them? What is the end result going to do for you/change for you? Are you choosing to lose weight because that is what our culture tells us to do on January first and its something you should do but you don't really want to do? If your health is a concern what is something you might want to do to improve your situation? Go on a hike once a week? Eat more greens everyday? Try being vegetarian for a month? All of those and more could contribute to weight loss but it makes you explore more of your passion than just get you to the gym to sign up for a year of walking in place on a treadmill. Lets live life in 2014!
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My goal list keeps growing because I am super pumped for 2014! I had to put a cap on it but I keep writing ideas down in my journal to inspire me later in the year too. I split my list into Mind, Body, and Soul because ... well that's how I roll ;) I will give you examples for a few of each to help you start dreaming up ideas for yourself ...

Make time to read
Accept more opportunities/challenges and defy inhibitions

Practice yoga daily
purchase more local/handmade clothing
Eat more raw
Create a vitamin regimen

Meditate on positive thinking daily
have more faith

The next step is action plans. Since some of these goals take less time than others while others require daily practice these action steps will vary. For example, I already purchased and have my vitamins ready to start my new regimen but to meditate on positive thinking I have a few tools I want to put together to help me with this (I will be sharing tomorrow!) and this is something I will be doing 365 days. My methods may have to change throughout the year as I grow and change on the long term goals.

So take some time today and tomorrow- clear your mind and listen to yourself and what you want 2014 to hold for you. Anything is possible- we are our only obstacle. So dare to dream for what you want most and go for it!

Happy goal making ♥

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