Friday, December 27, 2013


I am very very excited for 2014! I have not been so ready for a 'fresh start' and this quote really spoke to me on the matter.

Sometimes it's easy to just chuck things from your past, whether tangible or not. They may seem to weigh your new ideas down, or clutter your space or mind, or simply not fit into where you picture yourself in the coming year. And yes, sometimes it is good to purge and cleanse of the unnecessary but I know in my own experience that I have rushed to forget or throw away things and not appreciate them for what they are and what purpose they have served me thus far.

This past week I took stock of what I was grateful for this past year. I was really inspired by this blog post (if you don't follow Ashley's Blog, check it out, my new favorite!) to think back over the 12 months and think of all the good things that have propelled me forward in 2013.

There are definitely things I am going to leave in this past year, but there are some really noteworthy things to take with me as building blocks for 2014. My starting point. Here are a few things that made it to my 2013 grateful list ...

1. started a frequent yoga practice
2. cooked more frequently and enjoyed dinners at home more this year
3. Left an old (terrible) job for a new (amazing) job
4. started this blog
5. conquered my fear of heights for a moment
6. began my simplification process
7. had more faith

All of these will be the beginning point of new goals for the new year that I will be sharing next week. It was a very gratifying activity to sit down and think out a gratefulness list for the entire year- its easy to get caught up on the loose ends when there are so many things that were accomplished in full!

What is making it to your 2013 list? ♥

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