Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Hello from snowy, cold (and I mean freezing!), dark Ohio. I accidentally took a 4 day hiatus, unfortunately there was a migraine waiting for me Monday morning and it took two days to bounce back. Anymore when ailments strike I try and reflect on what my body telling me. So let me just say, even after my confession a week ago about not taking care of myself very well I am still doing the same mediocre dance with wellness. I think my stop-me-in-my-tracks headache this week was my body saying WHOA! slow down and eat some greens.

With it being so cold and snowy I realize the importance of keeping up on warm nutrient rich foods, I made an immunity broth from Lexi's Kitchen on Sunday and enjoyed it with steamed seasonal veggies and it was great! But then it was back to grabbing a processed granola bar or dining out too many times for comfort. I keep doing this little dance back and forth and I am finding it hard to hold myself accountable this week to eating balanced. Tonight as I did my corpse pose after my yoga practice I thought inwardly of why I am putting my barrier up to accepting good food. I did not happen upon an answer, I have faith it will pop up soon if I continue to ask myself, but my heart realizes the importance of getting it together, I just can't seem to get my mind follow.

I know I am still learning, and I know I have made a lot of strides in eating and living better, but tomorrow is also a new day to get back on the bandwagon and do better. Tonight's affirmation is ... Tomorrow I have the power and knowledge to be stronger, healthier, and happier than I was today. My happiness is important and my health and mind are strong and capable of reaching this happiness. Enjoying and being open to the process of change is as important as the end result. I will be healthy and I will be happy.

Sometimes the good things for us are the hardest. It tests our dedication and perseverance and in the end we are stronger. So whatever it may be in your life that is difficult for you- keep going, keep pushing, and have faith that in the end you will be a better you! ♥

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