Thursday, December 12, 2013


A little over a month ago my love for yoga seemed to bubble up from nowhere after not having practiced much since my early 20s. I'd been looking for a way to be active in the winter since I refuse to run in frigid cold conditions but I also wanted to feel inspired- not just lifting weights and working on the tragedy that is my push up.

I remembered being a lot more limber years ago. I couldn't believe how badly my joints cracked (they still do!) and how hard it was to touch my toes ... when did this happen?? When did I become a stiff old lady?? Thankfully this has only fueled my determination, not deterred it. I downloaded a great app to learn new poses (Simply Yoga) and started following a lot of amazing yogis and yoginis on Instagram and have been so inspired by the skill levels. I am looking forward to the days of handstands, side crow poses, and stellar back bends.

But I am no where near that. Not at this point. And I am learning to accept that. As badly as I want to plow forward and try new poses I have to remember to take it slow. I am self teaching so sometimes looking up how to properly position my body and take poses slowly and really feel it has been imperative to me learning to have the right form. I am hoping to start classes after the New Year for better instruction but until then I am trying to just breath through poses and do the best I can that day.

I've had good and bad days- one day I can get my hands flat on the ground in deep forward fold and other days everything feels tight and I can only get my finger tips. And that's ok! I am practicing listening to my body and doing what feels good. A new concept for me when it comes to physical fitness!

I am really happy with my progress so far- these photos were taken two weeks ago and I can already see a difference today. I am hoping to start taking more weekly photos of my progress because I can't wait to look back a year from now and see that I started in a very different place!

At work we have a saying ... Progress not Perfection, and this is something that I reflect on with every practice. What are you working towards right now and how are you achieving progress? ♥

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