Friday, December 13, 2013


 Thank goodness for Pinterest! Just when you thought you were out of craft ideas too ...

I saw a few glittery woodland creature wall hanging ideas awhile ago, mostly on painted canvas or wooden boards, and loved the idea of adding something special like these to our arsenal of holiday decor. Since I had left over fabric from making my ornaments and circle scarves this season I thought it would be fun to make these guys a little more cozy!

I used:
3 canvases (two 8x10, one 9x12)
Upholstery tacks
Craft Foam
Mod Podge
Google images of favorite woodland critters

How I did it:
Prepping the canvases- this was a great way to revamp canvases that we no longer were using (yay for restyling!) and I simply placed them on the flannel and cut around them with enough fabric to wrap around to the back. I had Nate use upholstery tacks around the perimeter of the frame (make sure they aren't too long of a tack to protrude on the other side!)

Prepping the critters- While Nate worked on the canvases I printed out silhouettes from google of my chosen animals. I used these as a template to cut my foam. Once my silhouettes were cut out I made a glitter and mod podge mixture and painted two coats onto the foam and let them dry thoroughly over night.

To finish, simply glue the animals onto the canvas and then you have instant glittery, glowy, cozy holiday artwork! ♥

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