Thursday, January 30, 2014


Over the last year I have slowly been changing my approach to life to a more natural one. Organic food, plant based cleaning products, natural cosmetics, reduce reuse recycle and the like. As I keep making these changes I can't help but look and ask whats next?

It seemed like the natural progression to look at my skin cleansing regime. I have struggled with adult acne since I was 19- it has plagued me, ran up doctor bills, and has led me down the slippery slope of abrasive washes, creams, and pills. You come to the point where enough is enough and know there has to be a natural remedy to this madness! Mine has been particularly irritated lately and was one of my motivators to cleanse last weekend- it also gave me the last push to start seriously researching natural ways to care for my skin.
What I used:
Honey (a natural anti-bacterial)
coconut oil (cold pressed- this will be your moisturizer)
apple cider vinegar (acts as toner)
Label maker

What I did:
I boiled all containers to disinfect and then allowed them to air dry. Using two pots, I used one for the honey and one for the coconut oil and utilized a spray bottle version for the apple cider vinegar (This toner elixir is 3 parts vinegar and 1 part purified water). I labeled the containers because hey- I have a label maker so why not use it?!

The honey is the face wash- obviously it is sticky so I concentrate on my t-zone and jaw line. Using a cotton ball I then rub the vinegar/water mixture all over my face avoiding the gentle skin around my eyes. And last but not least, I dab coconut oil as my moisturizer. I have super dry skin so I start with a little and work in more as I need it and in the spots that dry out quickly. Its best to layer this on as needed, too much and you run the risk of an oil slick on your face! No bueno!
* After reading some more it is more desirable to keep coconut oil in a dark container. So keep it in your medicine cabinet if you have a clear container like I do here. I will be searching for some pretty dark glass apothecary jars to transfer mine to!

I have been using this system for about a week now and love it! It's inexpensive, natural, and good for you and the environment- win win win. Hopefully between this and diet my skin problems will become a thing of the past. What skin care products have you used and loved? ♥

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