Friday, January 31, 2014


January was a good month. Despite snow and it being winter in general, it was productive and a solid start to the year. Reviewing my list of goals for this year I am pretty proud of my progress- I don't think I have ever started on a new set of goals with such success! ha!

Make time to Read: I have started Michio Kushis Macrobiotic  Path to total Health and David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty. I had set out to read more fiction, I managed the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber (loved loved the movie) and started The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I've yet to read any of Wilde's work so I am looking forward to actually finishing it!

Practice Yoga Daily: OK, so I got 26 days out of 31- but its progress not perfection!

Eat More Raw: I did my cleanse last weekend and have worked on incorporating more raw foods into my everyday. Still not has much as I like but I'm learning and making new habits is never easy, right?

Meditate on Positive thinking every day: This has been surprisingly easy and a lot of fun! N and I completed our visual boards a few weekends ago and it has helped a lot. Working meditation into my yoga practice and during my commute has been the easiest way for me to spend time focusing. It has become kind of a second nature in some ways and I find myself taking free moments throughout my day to think positive affirmations- its kind of addictive!

Journaling: I have kept this up consistently, and it has been a great tool to accompany by positive thinking meditations. Every night I write affirmations and things I am grateful for- it certainly has made for a happier heart over the last month. 

It feels good to reflect on a month of successful steps- fighting the cliche of falling of the resolution train three weeks in. What successes have you had this month/new year? I'd love to know ♥

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