Monday, February 24, 2014


Happy Monday! And no, that is not sarcasm- that is a true deep from the bottom of my heart verbal gesture of love and hope that your week is starting off on the best foot ever!

I also hope that the title of this post immediately put the Beatles song in your head. It has been playing on repeat in my own for oh, about 6 hrs now. You are welcome.

New blog designs are so fun, it can be the simplest of things that make your outlook fresh and excited to revisit a space over and over again. I am not much of a process person and always tell myself 'pace yourself, Janae. A blog design does not in fact need to be done over night. Think about it, let ideas marinate.' And then what happens? 48 hrs later I have a new blog design up! Ha ha well at least I know my nature!

On a totally different note and the point of this post- have you read the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout? No? Well you should. I am starting on the third experiment this week and I am looking forward to it because the last two have worked!

Coming from someone who used to commiserate that I was just a very unlucky person (terrible mentality to have), I used to wonder why bad things always seemed to come my way. The bank account would be low and my car would breakdown, I had somewhere important to be and I would get stuck in traffic, I had fun plans and I would be called into work. I just assumed I was unlucky. I wasn't born with the proverbial silver spoon, I have never found a four leaf clover. And then I decided not that long ago that so what? What is luck anyway? Well apparently it is energy. And that is what this book is all about- we are all energy, that is a scientific fact, and depending what frequency we send out, that is the frequency we receive in return.

High frequency? Positive vibes and good things come your way. Low Frequency? Well your car will break down in a traffic jam during a downpour the day before you get paid. On the bright side you have control over your frequency.

I apparently have spent most of my life on the low frequency wave- through learned behaviors, limitations I set for myself, perceptions I allowed to manifest, I unknowingly set myself up for a bumpy ride. So over the past few months I have been changing my frequency, it is a process, I am learning a new way of thinking after all but I can genuinely say its fun!

The first experiment in the book is to ask the universe for a sign- a blatant, can't miss it sign that it is there and waiting. So for 48 hrs I watched for a sign. Around hour 40 I happened to pop on twitter and guess who started following me? The Law of Attraction. I couldn't help but laugh! So thank you universe for that.

The second experiment directs you to focus your focus. Pay attention to your surroundings- an exercise in mindfulness. Since our brains like to filter out what does not seem important we miss a lot! The experiment is to focus on seeing a certain type of car- I chose green. In a day I recognized 26 green cars (during about 2 hrs of driving). Part two of this experiment was to look for yellow butterflies. I was a little more skeptical of this one, because, it is winter after all and not conducive to butterfly sitings. But I had faith and yesterday afternoon on instagram lo' and behold there was a yellow butterfly.

So I don't know how you would react but I got pretty excited- I still am excited! To be affirmed that I can take control of my thoughts and energy and attract what I want to attract. I think thats pretty cool.

Don't feel unlucky anymore- there really is no need. Have a little faith. Try a little experiment. Read this book and have fun opening up a new way of thinking. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain, if even just a better perspective! ♥

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