Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My hands on experience with plant life has been minimal and mostly of the oohing and awwing sort when my mom gives me an annual spring tour of her gardens. I come from a family of gardeners- my grandmother, parents, even my sister has a gifted green thumb. Me? Well I managed to kill a bamboo shoot once. So I chalked it up to having a black thumb and with a small sad sigh I went on my way, plant less.
 cactus // aloe vera // money tree // bonsai // jade

Lately though I have been wanting to try bringing plants back in the house. Thanks to Pinterest and this post on ABM I mustered the courage to get to Home Depot. I had originally planned on just picking out two- but then in the excitement of the moment, well, you can see I ended up with more than just two!

I chose some deliberately- I have been wanting my own Aloe Vera plant for its medicinal benefits. Nate always thought a Bonsai would be pretty cool, I couldn't agree more! The Jade plant filled the spot of succulent, I love the way they look. The cactus and money tree were purely impulse- I mean, a money tree? That has to be like the ultimate feng shui addition to any home.
So far they are alive and healthy- I am following their instructions very closely, talking to them, and this weekend I plan on re-potting them. I am seriously channeling positive energy their way and believing I have a green thumb!

If you have any tips or advice send them this way- I am determined to keep this little plant family alive ♥


  1. I love these!! We're on the same page, I just bought 2 house plants over the weekend. Fingers crossed they live! I'll be checking back to see how yours are doing.

  2. Ha ha thanks! I will definitely be sharing my successes in this area, so far so good :)