Thursday, February 20, 2014


This week I've had an itch I can't quite scratch. The need to change, to move, to grow, to adventure. Maybe its been the consistent double digit temps, the rays of sunshine, the sound of nature stirring, that has got my gears going and thoughts racing toward the future. An impulse that says lets go! anywhere! do something! anything! Imagine it and do it!

Visualization has been such a fun tool for me lately. I have always prided myself on a great imagination (thus, I do not watch scary movies) and visualization has worked its way nicely into my daily meditation. This week I had a real breakthrough with them, they just felt so real. Checking things off my bucket list, setting off for new adventures and experiences, growing on this little blog, expanding my life in a thousand different ways- I could see it all. And not just see it, I could feel it. In all the literature I have read on visualization, authors and gurus all agree that feeling your visualizations is the key to transforming your life through this practice. It seemed like I finally got both pieces of the puzzle and I have a vibration of excitement underlying my thoughts everyday.

So though its been quite here on the blog, my journals are filling up with ideas and inspirations. I am excited to move on from things that feel stale, both here and in my day to day. I feel inspired to pour more time/passion into what I love right now and make real plans for real change. I am feeling more at home in myself. The easy part is always saying you want to create change- the hard part is acting on it. But I can honestly say that these good vibrations are leading me on a different kind of creative path and I am excited to see where I go ♥

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