Monday, February 17, 2014


 Target Hat // Old Navy Blazer // Sincerely Jules 'Sorry We're Cool' tee // Chucks

Today I had a serious case of the Mondays. Its like an every other Monday thing for me- the goal is consistency on being at the 'awesome' side of the Monday scale buuuutttt 50/50 is still an improvement.  There is always that day that just seems to be our thorn. The day that tests your positive spirits. The day where those positive thoughts don't come so simply and it almost seems like the neg chatter is trying its hardest to drown any of that turn your frown upside down business.

Maybe it was because I was coming back after a 3 day weekend of bliss, maybe it was because every muscle in my body hurts from a killer workout yesterday. And maybe it was because it was sleeting, gray, and dismal all day. But in the end- I am super grateful to have a job to come back to after a long weekend, I am stronger today than I was yesterday, and today was the only dismal day on the forecast for the week and we are now through it!

How do you tip the scale towards positive when your negative thoughts are swarming? Flip them? Accept them and move on? Vent in a journal?

Tonight I will be racking my brain for any extra ounces of gratitude to fill my journal page and focus on affirmative thoughts for a fabulous Tuesday- I have faith the universe will pull through for me ♥

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