Friday, February 28, 2014


For a long time I allowed dry brushing to mystify me. It sounded too 'granola'. But, I would like to have it on the record that I have tried and I am now a believer! There are multiple benefits to having a daily dry brushing routine like reduced cellulite, increased blood circulation- benefiting the lymphatic system which impacts your liver and digestion, clears dead skin to open pores- in turn leaving you glow-y and clear of those pesky winter dry flakes.
So how to?

Buy: A natural bristle brush- the bristles should be stiff. There are different styles of brushes, I chose the long handle for the reach-ability.

When: Some dry brush enthusiasts recommend brushing twice a day. I personally brush once in the morning before my shower. Because your are clearing off dead skin I recommend you do it in the shower before you turn the water on.

How: Brush in long sweeps starting at your feet and working your way to the heart. Clockwise on your stomach and smaller strokes on your arms and shoulders. You can brush extra on your knees and elbows- just insure you are brushing firmly but your skin should not be red or irritated (a light pink is normal)

After: Shower off and follow your bathing with a good natural lotion or oil.

I already see a difference and I have been consistently brushing for about two weeks- it has saved me from this winter dryness!

What is your experience with dry brushing? ♥

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