Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I thought  changing from vegetarian to vegan was a big adjustment- it took a lot of thought, pre-planning, and research... and clearing of the pantry. Lots of clearing of the pantry! But as the obsessive evolver that I am, I obviously was looking for the next step to better health despite my just feeling comfortable with veganism. So in comes eating raw. I do it in the simplest of manners- no dehydrators, nothing fancy. Just me and natures bounty. I get organic when possible, and have been branching out to try things that intimidate me- starting with tropical fruits.

I never want to not try a fruit or vegetable because it intimidates me- I come from the corn, potato, and meat region of America and I never want to find myself pigeon-holed into that mentality. Picking up a new fruit every time I am at the store, like passion fruit or a papaya has slowly opened my mind and expand my palette for a new array of flavors. I found that I really love passion fruit, it was an amazing surprise (and here I was intimidated by its looks! Goes to show, don't judge a book by the cover) and I learned I really am not a papaya fan- however I am looking forward to using it in summer smoothies!

Not everything is readily available for me that I want to try but I will travel a distance to obtain it, simply for the joy of trying it! I am on the hunt for some durian, fresh figs, dragon fruit, star fruit, fresh coconut, and I definitely want to branch out to some new greens- I tend to purchase kale, romaine, and baby spinach on the regular. There are so many options out there! Being more open minded and willing to taste a variety makes me more grateful for nature, feel nourished, and honestly, I just feel better from the inside out!

What are some fruits and vegetables you have tried that were not the norm for you? Loved them or hated them? And I will gladly accept recommendations! ♥

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