Saturday, February 15, 2014


Au Revoir Valentines day ... until next year ♥ ♥   

Well we made it back safe and sound from snowy northern Ohio and it feels oh so good to be home. We are homebodies by nature, slightly introverted, and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in the familiar but sometimes its good for us to venture somewhere new! 

Cleveland had been on our to-go list since we have been married- we were briefly there in 2012 for a Neil Young concert but with little time to explore we knew we wanted to go back and experience the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and city sights together. 

I am super glad I booked this trip- I was hesitant because of the weather we have been experiencing (you never know when a snow storm might trap you in) but I took a leap of faith and booked us an incredible hotel room in the trendy Flats District. We wined and dined and fell asleep to the luxury of cable TV (ha!) and then there is always the fun of long conversations while making a 3+ hour drive. 

One of my favorite things about being married is having the joy of knowing someone so intimately- on a level that no one else knows your partner. Nuances, mannerisms, thought patterns- these are all things you pick up when you live and spend exponential amounts of time with a person. N and I got into a conversation about our Astrological signs, which in turn had him googling descriptions, and then us laughing and pointing out all the characteristics of our signs that rang true to each other. I don't put a lot of stock in signs but I think they hold some truths, so we had fun running through all the parallels! And knowing that few could pin point these things I found in Nate and he in mine was the perfect reminder of how special our relationship is. 

V-Day 2014 is definitely one to remember, we had so much fun I didn't even once pull out my camera- only my phone (for a bathroom mirror selfie, so chic!) But as I am getting older I realize that sometimes it is best to leave the technology bagged and be happy just experiencing.

I hope you all had a beautiful 14th and great start to your weekend- I think the rest of ours will be spent cozy indoors watching movies, making good food, and enjoying home. ♥

Highlights of our trip ...
Drink: Sofia Mini by Francis Ford Coppola Winery (cutest effervescent wine in a can!)
Sights: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Rolling Stones exhibit going on now- so glad we caught this one!)

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